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Credibility Logos

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“I wanted to write to you again and thank you for the training. I like the PM workflow very much and we will establish it even more in our company. In any case, the training helped me to understand things even better and especially when applying them, you notice whether you have understood things or not. For me and e2m the training was worthwhile in any case.”

Kai Becker

“The courses are didactically very cleverly structured: Through the preparatory self-study, the joint repetition of material and the practical exercise examples, it is possible to convey the most important knowledge and skills related to strategic and technical product management in a very short time. I can recommend participation without reservation.”

Simon Mayer – linrob GmbH

“Thank you again for the great training days. It has moved a lot internally here and we will certainly be able to push the restructuring faster.”

B Brennecke, Head of Marketing, Elementar

“Thank you again for the 7 days of intensive training. I really enjoyed the combination of self-study preparation and the following course with group work. In particular, the lively discussions, your explanations and feedback have helped me! Some areas that I was struggling with are now much clearer. Other everyday problems I can now better classify and evaluate for myself. In addition, I have become acquainted with task areas, especially in technical PM, whose relevance I was not even aware of until now 😊.”

Frederick., Biofa AG

“Thank you very much for the instructive week. It was a lot of fun to work with you. Above all, the didactic method surprised me positively. You automatically participate actively and are always on the ball. My previous training courses were too much theory and had little practical relevance. I have already started to incorporate the first things into my daily work and would be interested in the Go-To-Market training.”

Ramazan Akkan

“The training was excellent, most in-depth and streamlined step by step approach for product management, made a big difference on our focus for new and ongoing products. Ulrike was very knowledgeable in the domain and made the course very interesting. Would recommend it to beginners and advanced product managers.”

Nasser Al Sodais, Taqnia

Successful Outcome Stories

After a fusion of a successful company, the new multinational enterprise with different cultures and tool was lacking a unity of product management process. The RSM trained product managers and engineers within a four-day training on the systematic workflow, the roles and responsibilities and delivered the methods and tools that enabled the team members to deliver the right output quickly to make sound decisions on products and roadmaps.

It was totally interactive. The 3.5h pass by like in sleep. I find the method, Flipped Classroom, great, because I can ask questions here in class. It’s great that you discuss tasks and correct them directly and don’t just smile in a friendly manner. Your many practical examples are very valuable and help me to understand everything even better. I see that I’m not alone with my problems and that the tools really help me. Your sympathetic manner is great. The different types of group work – individual, in pairs, all are very varied and fun. The exchange helps to come up with new ideas and to get different perspectives. The reflection at the end brings me 100% much further, because I know directly where I can already implement something and do not have to go through everything again. The method is mega efficient. You have fully met my expectations. I now have methods and know the systematics in PM, how I can proceed efficiently. Great! I like you!


“Now, with the Open Product Management Workflow, I have a good overview of the interrelationships in product management and know my red thread in the procedure. The templates are excellent methods for working even more professionally and efficiently.”

A. Meyer, Produktmanager

“I personally have benefited a lot from you and your teaching. I feel this clearly in my daily work. Thank you very much again for that!”

M. Braun, Student

Successful Outcome Stories

A local brand for energy solutions was seeking growth in a new market. This market was highly competitive. The newly assigned product managers were previous project managers and engineers who did not have the skills to set up product strategies. In a week workshop we trained the skills to get customer feedback, analyse the market and set up the 4P’s and roadmap.

“I now have a tool to be systematic as a PM. I need to talk to customers more. My colleagues will understand what I do as a PM.”

Neurobat AG, R. Lanz

Successful Outcome Stories

The CEO of a traditional retail brand was seeking advice on how to speed up the innovation cycle. The company worked together with a Big 5 consulting brand to solve the issue, but innovation cycles and results were not gained as wanted. With a 1:1 advisory and team assessment we found together the obstacles within leadership and empowerment. Within 6 months the company redesigned the product managers responsibilities and tasks. We guided the product managers within their new roles and tasks and the changes were communicated throughout the company.

A structured step-by-step process with templates helped the product managers to gather customer feedback systematically and use this knowledge to create new innovations rapidly. The market data empowered the product managers to facilitate sustainable decision making. Re-curring discussion based on gut-feeling, experience and hierarchy were eliminated. The overall innovation cycle was cut from 18months to 10 months,

The Head of Development and Product management of a construction company was looking for support because the product manager has quit the job. The next product launch was due to happen in 4 weeks and documentation was rare. With our 20+ years expertise and system we helped the company to set up the marketing and sales material for the first market entry and to train the sales team. As a first step we got the company’s goals and the deadlines. We talked to customers, engineers and sales to build a good understanding of the product and the target customers. We created a team that was dedicated to launch the innovation successfully. From there we created the marketing briefing document and a quick go-to-market launch plan. The time was scarce and information had to be precise and done in a quick manner. Sales manager could not travel to the HQ, no-time. For the first time the 60+ sales people were trained online. They were astonished and amazed to get a training that was on the spot and delivered the right product and sales information that they need to convince the customer.


The individual support of key persons, the joint development of solutions with the teams has led to a acceptance of the change […]. Ulrike thus helped to lay a stable foundation for […] the development and marketing process”

Betty Bossi, CEO, L. Feldmann

“Looking for product management know-how, we found Ulrike – nota bene the location on the same street as the head of the PM division! Whether this is a good sign – this question can be answered with a clear yes. Through Ulrike workshops our management team was familiarized with the <<Open PM Workflow>> in a friendly direct and well understandable way.
Through targeted workflow gap analysis, we soon realized how far we are from a professional PM. There is still hope as the path will lead to the goal with comprehensible steps using the new method.
The mindset to proceed in a more structured way increased noticeably through Ulrike’s way.
We have some recognized homework to do and recommend Ulrike not only to us to bring the PM issues in the sense of workflow to flow !:)”

Micronel, P. Meier, CEO

“The cooperation with Ms. Laubner was uncomplicated and goal-oriented. She supported our project well with her pragmatic and structured approach, so that we had it up and running and realized on schedule. During the whole process we benefited from her experience and will gladly turn to her again if needed.”

Autoform, S. Suter

“Thank you for the timely and qualitative launch of our VMS-tool. We were pleased to get to know your professionalism and to experience your composure even in difficult and hectic times. The international staff felt integrated and motivated at all times, which contributed greatly to the success of the launch project. Your commitment to our goal achievement was unique. We are looking forward to further projects.”

UBS, S. Seeber

“During the reorganization of the PM, Ms. Laubner helped us with her profound knowledge of the tasks and roles in the PM and the activities in the adjacent departments to build an organization that meets the requirements of our fast-paced market. She sensitively conducted discussions with staff and management. Her concepts were thoughtful, sound, and most importantly, workable. Thank you.”

M. Schneider, CEO

“[…] Equipped with in-depth knowledge of the marketing and production aspects, as well as information about the strategic positioning of the company, […], our students were able to produce qualitative high results. Right at the beginning of the project, Ms. Laubner organized a detailed framework program for getting started with the project and, as an expert, accompanied our students with valuable input during the process.”

University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, Institute Industrial Design,Prof. W. Baumhakl

Successful Outcome Stories

Two leaders of a start up company that developed software for offices reached out to us to organize what they call “chaotic development.” They are successful with their product solutions and they hired loads of employees and do not have a structured process. They lose money and want to be more profitable to sustain their business in the future. They also know that their business developers (product managers) are not happy and there is a potential risk to lose them and their wisdom. We advised the leaders to look into the product management software. The software is trained quickly and delivers the right output for the entire team. Product managers are guided through each task and template. The entire market and product wisdom is kept in the software and remains when the product manager might leave. The software allows for 90% quicker product manager time and shows changes in customer or market behaviour in an early stage, which is the base for innovations. Each product managers is equipped with the KPI tool, that empowers them to manage the product profitability from day 1.
Carsten and Mike are convinced that the Software will solve their problems and implemented it recently.

Successful Outcome Stories

A 10bn company with HQ in US wanted to maintain its high quality and innovation leader position in an increasingly high pace of change world in their industry. They aim to develop a sustainably profitable and long-term sustainable business in all current and new innovative business areas. Above all, the focus is on customer orientation, economy and ecology. Therefore, the product managers consisted of high caliber PHD and Masters of different disciplines that mainly worked as engineers before.

In a 10 day online master class training, the head of development and product management realised that the communication, the tools amongst different countries are not aligned. They were reinventing the wheels here and there. The product managers realised that their passion to solve “old engineer operational tasks” prevent them from working strategically, meaning to spent more time with customers, competition and trends. In turn, they do not deliver the input that the engineers need to conduct their work efficiently and thus losing loads of time and investment money.

Successful Outcome Stories

A head of product management said: “I am in Product management for 14 years, but you know, you get comfortable, new things and methods sneak in and I am not sure, if I do the right things. I feel that we can deliver better results from product management. Not sure, which”. Richard, attend our online strategic master class for 5 days. His two biggest outcomes were that, his product managers use already great tools, but real customer data – the voice of customer – is not done in the way it would be beneficial for the entire product development and marketing. He also found the gap that the documentation is not done systematically and hard to find.

Richard implemented the Customer interview tool, the customer matrix and Personal tool. He is actually evaluating the software to speed up the -now- manual work process.

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