The Red String Method - Connecting People To Process To Product

Empowering product teams with superior tools to leverage their market expertise to quickly find innovations and develop profitable products in up to 60% less time – every time.

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The Red String Method

The World’s Most Effective Product to Market System

RSM Vision

Transform Product Teams into highly valuable assets for their company and respect our planet’s resources with well-conceived product solutions that truly serve customers and companies goals alike.

RSM Mission

We empower product teams to become trusted market experts that deliver timely innovations with great profitability by saving time, money, energy, materials and enabling an enjoyable and effective collaboration among the product team members and stakeholders.

People Process Product

Top-10 Red String Method results

  • Finding new business opportunities and reactivity thereof.
  • Creating products solutions that meet customer needs instead of internal ideas to ensure satisfactory product to market fit.
  • BIG saving by reducing changes, overengineering, reworks,  and unnecessary meetings that lead to product delays or program cancellations.
  • Rapid execution of product development.
  • Creating skilled product managers that lead impactfully and master complex tasks.
  • Productive and harmonious inter-departmental team collaboration.
  • Lower investments and costs for improved profitability.
  • Building highly efficient teams and market-driven processes.
  • Eliminate fire-fighting and “gut-feeling”  through focus on strategic tasks and market data driven decisions.

Inefficient product development costs money, and a lot of it. Even for a relatively small company of 300 employees, millions are wasted annually in man-hours, resources and energy. To illustrate this point statistically, up to 30% of time is wasted searching for product,  customer and market information that should be available from the outset. 31 hours are spend in unproductive meeting each month! Products that do not fix a customer’s problem, fix a problem that does not even exist, fail to be unique or are poorly planned account for 80%-95% of product flops. This is an unfortunate misuse of a company’s, employer’s and material resources.

RSM 5-Step Process

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The Red String Method is effective for any product development environment, including for Tech & Software

RSM’s key differentiator in a nutshell


CLOCKWORK: RSM is a process that runs as smooth as a Swiss watch.


HOLISTIC: It is a holistic product management framework that is built around production’s three key factors: people, process and product.


MARKET: It allows for a transparent market data stream that transmits essential information from customer problems to market launch.


COLLABORATION: It has proven to increase effectiveness for product management and collaborating departments.


SAVINGS: RSM saves millions in manpower hours, material and energy waste during development and usage of complex products.

The Red String Method

The World’s Most Effective Product to Market System

For companies with high investments in hardware and/or software product development and fast growing startups that lack the systems to bolster their product pipeline.

RSM 5-Step Deliverables

How is the Red String Method delivered?

Group classes and masterclasses to train product teams with RSM systems and coaching sessions for product managers.

Online/in-person education for product managers with a focus to strengthen specific skills for product leadership.

1:1 sessions for heads of products, business owners or CEOs focusing on product management assessment or organisation.

Streamline your product management process

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